Master of Good Guidance: These ten kinds of people just read Buddha

Read the Buddhist scriptures. Three kinds of root machines. Inorganic does not take pictures. All sentient beings. Perceptual. But with all my heart. Nothing is impossible. Just say the word Hongming. There is no need to study extensively.
Good master cloud: "If you want to learn to solve. From Fife to Buddha. All the laws. No improper learning. If you want to learn. When choosing one of the opportunities for its reconciliation. Specializing in commitment. Can quickly prove the benefits. Otherwise, robbery to robbery. It's still hard to get out. "
The prayer of Buddha is the method of understanding the opportunity. There are ten kinds of people. Just miss Buddha. Please think twice. Come on.
First, the monks just read Buddha.
Has been cut to become a monk. Heartwarming. Cut off love. Out of the country. Live in the clean gamma blue. To be provided for. No worries. Uninhibited. Just miss Buddha. Ask for birth and death.
When I read Buddha. You have to live and die. Read the cycle of life and death. According to the industry reported. There is no time. You have to be careful. Wan Nian put it down naturally. All six can be photographed. Let me give you an example.
There used to be a king. See the outside way asceticism. Bhikkhu(commonly known as a monk) is free. One day, he said that he would read the Buddha and see Brahman(the person who repaired the road) to seek the road. Bhikkhu but read the name of the Buddha. Go away.
The monk is not bitter on the color. And in the heart of life and death. Although the monks read the Buddha. And the heart of birth and death is special. Six all day long. And all six of them. The roots of the eyes are not colored. Ear roots do not hear. Even the meaning of the root is not the realm of dust.
Wangwen doesn't believe it. You know what it means. That is, Qi Bai and Wangyan. You can borrow one thing to check it. Please, Wangmingri. Paigonge two classes. Class one is dancing on East street. Class one is singing on West street. Another prisoner. A can of oil. Turn it over. Tell you that the crime should die. Today's oil. Walk to 4th Street. Four men with knives. If the oil is poured out. Beheaded immediately. If it is done, the oil will not pour out. Give thee innocence and return.
The prisoner has heard. Thinking about today. It's a matter of life and death. Is focused. The oil it holds. I dare not neglect. Fourth street. Oil doesn't pour out. Return to the king. It is his sin.
The monk asked the prisoner to ask what he saw on the East Street. The answer is not available. He also asked what the best sound was on West Street. The answer is not heard. Wangchi, chaos. East street dancing girl. West street girl singing. I can't see or hear. Answer, King. I have my mind set on this can of oil. There is still heart to see and listen. It's invisible.
Wanghuwu said this. I miss Buddha. Get out of life and death. Take all six. I can't see or smell. Si Yan is not sincere. And people who read Buddha. Life and death. It is true Buddha.
Second, female people just read Buddha.
Tortoise. Quality female flow. Not at home. In charge of internal affairs. If men are not running around. Working for God. Therefore, I just miss Buddha. The land of survival.
Women's menstruation is not clean. Birth pain. What a loathsome woman. Those who want to be men. And this grandmother world. I want to turn into a woman. Honesty is not easy. It must be practiced several times.
If you can concentrate on Buddha. At the end of his life. The grandmother industry is unloaded. The pure soil is deep. Lianhua Huesheng. That is, the phase of the husband. Life can turn men. And life is endless. Got to watch the tone to. Hand in hand. A woman. There is this delicate door. Can fulfill your wishes. I hope everyone will soon read Buddha.
Third, smart people just read Buddha.
It's hard to be smart. It's harder not to be smart. Always smart. Hengduo self-error. Just out of curiosity. In contrast, it is normal to read Buddha. Hard work. Ask for wisdom. That knowledge "spent ten million years before his death. A pair of empty hands after death. "
If you're smart. Use it for Dharma. Read more Pure Land Books. Study the purpose of chanting Buddha. Know the name of Buddha. For the Buddhas. The group followed. With one thought and empty dust. Through a Buddha and pure heart. Concentrate on it. That is, the idea of thinking and reaching. Proximity to Amitabha. There is a pure land of idealism. Come on.
Fourth, stupid people just read Buddha.
Man is wise and foolish. And the Buddha is also one. Foolish people. Only because the previous life did not believe in Dharma. Not going to school. Confused deep industry. I feel this report. If a wise man. The sage is overworked. Reading Buddha is difficult. And stupid people. Then less leisure. Just miss Buddha.
And the heart of a fool. Not much. It's easy to start a business. And hold the name of Buddhism. Not seriously. No hard thinking. Therefore, he is not afraid of ignorance. Just straight Dojo. Will be a Buddha number. And began to read. Hard work. That means success.
Ancient poetry cloud "practice is like driving a beach boat. When the pole stops, it is dirty. If you don't work hard. When we can make it to the beach. "This number of words can be used to help the Buddha.
Fifth, rich people just read Buddha.

5J6v-hnaivxq1690363.jpgRich in this life. All from the previous world. When the grandmother is happy. It wasn't long. Gu Yun, "Rong Hua is finally a dream. Wealth is the same as September frost. "
Just take advantage of this. No worries. Equipped with sufficient equipment. I miss Buddha. The land of survival. On the ground. Enjoy nothing. Western frontier. Yusheng Tiangong. Auntie Fule. What foot and ratio. Yi Yi Meng province. I miss Buddha. You can lay down bad reports. And get a happy body.
Sixth, poor people just read Buddha.
This life is poor. All recruited by the industry. The past refused to give a blessing. Arrogant Gonggao. I feel this report. There is no pastoral industry. And no house to live in. The clothes are not covered. Food is not full. From the womb. Full of suffering. Just miss Buddha. The land of survival.
And Qibao Pavilion. Do not run. Natural food and clothing. Come with your thoughts. Can always leave the suffering of poverty. There's this good law door. Be careful not to miss it.
Seventh, the elderly just read Buddha.
Sangyu night scene. Not much time. Such as fish less water. There is no music. If prisoners go to the city. Walk close to death. Urgent and sincere. I miss Buddha. The land of survival.

QQ截图20190520152547.pngGood guidance monk Yun Yun, "gradually chicken skin crane hair. Look at the walking dragon clock(bamboo name, take shaking appearance). Fake Rao Jin Yu full hall. Inevitably old age. Let you be happy. Moments come. Only the path to practice. But Amitabha. "
Older people. Please answer three questions. Don't let it go. Someday. Can't put it down. Put it down, too. When you know, "the world is doing its best to grow old. Who will retire before death. "
Eight, young people just read Buddha.
Nianhuashaozhuang. Brawny. There is no worry about old age. Just miss Buddha. It is too early for Mo Dao to practice. It is advisable to preload the beam. Do not smell, "Spring day to see Yangliulv. Autumn wind again see chrysanthemum yellow. "When you know," people are rare and easy to lose. Good times are easy to follow and difficult to chase. "Be careful not to waste time. Time wasted. "Don't wait for old people to learn. Lonely graves are mostly young people. "
Nine, there are children who just read Buddha.
Vulgar cloud Valley against hunger. Having children for old age. This is a child. Growing up. Family business has a mandate. Zong Yi is reliable. Just put down the edge. I miss Buddha. The land of survival.
Don't try anything. For the son is the grandson. Note that "children and grandchildren have Ersunfu. Don't worry about your grandchildren. "If the children and grandchildren are blessed. No need to inherit. You can have a family for nothing. If children and grandchildren don't like it. Ren Wan Guan Jia Cai. Not enough for years of profligacy. Reverse the industry. Against the harm of grandchildren. Be honest. So that the world. Many rich people. As a lesson.
Ten, childless people just read Buddha.
There are many children in the world. The burden must be heavy. Maintenance education. Needs Kongyin. Had to manage. Hold the portal. Since there are no children. Easy never tired. Just self-pity. Couple fellow practitioners. Called Amitabha. The land of survival. Stirred Bodhi. For the great sad father. Then all beings in the earth. The son of the Buddha. Come on.
The whole world. No one can not read Buddha. It's a prayer. Can be universal camera also.